Toddler Program

Chances are, you'll hear that often as you come to meet your child at the end of the day.  Your child will flourish in our creative toddler program that aims to foster a love of learning and a positive self image.  At this stage of development, we focus on visual and verbal development, using creative play, artistic expression and lots of fun interaction.

“Look Mommy! Look Daddy!”

  • Expand language skills
  • Provide opportunities for associative learning
  • Foster color recognition, listening skills and social development

We all know that toddlers are often in constant motion, and of course, that's what makes this stage of child development so fun. We integrate this natural desire for motion into the child's development. Children in our Toddler Program experience art, drama and creative movement, building knowledge about the world around them and confidence in themselves.

Communication: Every day your toddler's teachers provide you with a report on your child's development, activities, attitudes and discoveries.  We include eating, sleeping and diapering schedules and special moments of the day.  Our caring atmosphere and a consistent routine provides our toddlers with a sense of security through teacher-facilitated play and repetition.  Toss in a great deal of spontaneous fun….and we guarantee your little one will run to greet you with wide open arms and plenty to share with you at the end of the day!

Toddlers “learn by doing." KinderGarden's Toddler Program offers skills-building toys and games, building blocks, engaging stories, interactive music and more… all designed to: