KinderGardens Child Development Center believes that young children learn best though a curriculum which begins with an understanding of their play.  Children learn through doing, active play rather than passive learning.  We emphasize the process of learning rather than the product.

Our curriculum is planned on a weekly basis for each group and is appropriate for the age span of the children in the group.  Areas of consideration are the different needs, interests , and developmental levels of the individual children.

Our program addresses the needs of the whole child, taking into account all of their developmental needs: social, learning approach, language development, emotional, cognitive, and physical.  We feel that a program that addresses only the cognitive or academic needs of children cannot prepare them with all of the skills they will need for life.  We carefully incorporate Minnesota's Early Learning Standards into each program.

Block Center: This area provides space for imaginary play using blocks, small toys and vehicles for building and acting out fantasies.  This play encourages cooperation, problem solving, math/science skills and language skills.

Group Area: This is where the children come together to hear stories, sing songs, play instruments and games and talk about events important to them.

Dramatic Play Center: Play in this center promotes creativity and provides a healthy outlet for fantasy and role play.  A great deal of social interaction and learning also goes on here.  Children use a variety of props to support their imaginations.

Manipulative's: Our center contains many opportunities for individual skill building.  Games, puzzles and small manipulative toys develop thinking and problem solving skills.  All these materials promote fine motor development, as well as encouraging small group work.

Book Center: The reading area is furnished with a soft cozy area for comfort.  It is a cozy place for children to quietly curl up with a good book or two.


Learning Centers


6 Weeks to 15 Months
Your little bundle of joy will be crawling, rolling, reaching, laughing and listening. We offer activities that have been proven through pediatric research to stimulate infant brain development.

Toddlers 16 to 36 Months
Toddlers “learn by doing." KinderGarden's Toddler Program offers skills-building toys and games, building blocks, engaging stories, interactive music and more…

Early Preschool 3 year Olds
In our Early Preschool Program, we focus on developing Early Readiness Skills using activities such as elementary problem-solving, linking written words to objects and repeating familiar activities in new situations.

Preschool 4 & 5 Years Old
Our Preschool Program aims to further develop your child's intellectual, social and emotional skills and prepare them for the oncoming "big school" experience.

Art Center: The teachers plan daily art activities which allow the children to freely explore materials such as: paper, crayons, markers, sticky tape, glue, scissors, paint, etc. Children are also encouraged to use the easel. Creativity, self expression and a variety of motor skills are nurtured in this center, along with the feeling that art is for individual pleasure and there is no right or wrong.

Math Center: This center contains a variety of math manipulative that encourage children to sort, classify, pattern and develop number and spatial concepts.

Science Center: This area encourages experimentation and careful observation, curiosity and questions. Natural science displays and the use of scientific equipment such as magnets and magnifying glasses support both formal and informal learning.