Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program aims to further develop your child's intellectual, social and emotional skills and prepare them for the oncoming "big school" experience.

  • Letter and phonetic recognition
  • Early printing skills
  • Site word recognition
  • Counting and math readiness skills
  • Demonstrating an increased use of words instead of actions to express emotions
  • Elementary critical thinking skills such as predicting, estimating, recalling events and sequencing
  • Creativity and self-expression attained through integrated art, music and games

Communication: Our weekly classroom newsletter keeps you in touch and offers ideas to help reinforce new skills at home. Our talented teachers provide wonderful enrichment experiences that help develop happy, confident learners.  The results of this excellent program are best seen in the faces of our preschoolers as they sing, dance, talk, rhyme, count, create, write and explore.  Those smiles carry over to parents as they witness the progress and enlightenment of new learning.

Preschoolers expand their knowledge through KinderGardens curriculum guided by Minnesota's Early Learning Standards.

Some of the goals for Early Learning include:

One of the biggest changes you'll notice at this stage is how your child will learn to express himself or herself verbally.  We foster this growth with an emphasis on conversation, asking questions and building vocabulary.