Infant Program

Your child will snuggle right in, sensing our safe, cozy, “just like home” environment.  You know your baby better than anyone and we respect that.  Our caregivers will listen to your concerns and aim to meet your infant's unique needs.  We want to put a smile on your face and on your baby's at the end of each day.

Your little bundle of joy will be crawling, rolling, reaching, laughing and listening.  We offer activities that have been proven through pediatric research to stimulate infant brain development.

We love babies and it shows!

  • Classical music proven to increase awareness and movement
  • Bright, colorful toys that bring out the child's natural curiosity
  • Large and small motor skill opportunities
  • Theme-based activities that develop early imagination and creativity
  • Eating, sleeping and diaper schedule
  • Your baby's responses to games and other activities
  • Highlights of your baby's day

Individual Care: KinderGarden's commitment to quality care ensures that your baby will experience individual attention and be offered many opportunities for development.  Your child will also enjoy playing with other babies, which can be the beginning stages of bonding and making friendships.

Communication: Our teachers provide you with daily communication about your baby's activities and developmental milestones.  Excellent and consistent communication ensures a smooth transition from your baby's day to your loving arms. Our daily report includes:

Central to our Infant Program is the special attention we give to building the child's early language skills.  Our caregivers love to share stories and songs with the babies; interaction that helps the infants begin to recognize voices, sounds and words.

Safety and Security: We are in the childcare business for one reason: we care deeply for children.  We adhere to the strictest standards for safety and sanitation throughout the classroom and outdoor play areas.  This commitment means a safe, nurturing fun atmosphere for your child.  For you, it means peace of mind.