Early Preschool Program

Making the transition from a “me” world to a “us” world is one of the most important developmental stages your child will go through.  At KinderGardens, we gently guide early preschoolers through this transition from individual learner to a social participant.  We help the children learn to share, make friendships and develop other essential social skills.

  • Character development
  • Language and intellectual growth
  • Large and small-motor skills
  • Color, shape and number recognition
  • Reading and math readiness skills

Your refrigerator will be covered with lots of creations!  In our Early Preschool Program, we explore colors and textures using paints, crayons and a few crazy concoctions such as shaving cream and sprinkles!  Your early preschooler's spirit will soar through participation in creative movement activities that encourage self-expression and dramatic play.

Communication: Throughout the year, you will delight in watching your early preschooler blossom at KinderGardens.  Your child's teacher will provide regular reports about the fun activities in our Early Preschool Program and your child's development.

In our Early Preschool Program, we focus on developing Early Readiness Skills using activities such as elementary problem-solving, linking written words to objects and repeating familiar activities in new situations.

The KinderGardens Balanced Learning curriculum encompasses all aspects of growing and learning: